Create Your Scatter Plot It’s free and easy to use.

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Free Scatter Plot Maker for Professional Scatter Graphs

Create Your Scatter Plot It’s free and easy to use.
Free Scatter Plot Maker for Professional Scatter Graphs
  • Create your own easy-to-understand scatter plots in minutes.
  • Import your data easily from Google or Excel or paste into Visme.
  • Visualize trends and correlations and share with your audience.

Chosen by brands large and small

Our scatter plot maker is used by over 18,235,768 marketers, communicators, executives and educators from over 120 countries that include:

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Scatter Plot Templates

Create a beautiful scatter plot easily even without design skills. Select from the template library and simply change the data to make it your own. Customize the colors to match your ongoing project or use your brand color palette .

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Features of the Scatter Plot Maker

Build easy to read scatter plots with Visme's data engine. Easily input data or import from a spreadsheet on your desktop. Customize every visual aspect of your plot.

Beautiful scatter plot templates

Start your scatter plot design easily by using one of our professionally designed scatter plot templates. Change the placeholder data with your own and customize the look and feel to match your project or brand style guide.

Create Your Scatter Plot
A selection of scatter plot templates available to customize in Visme.

Build your scatter plot

Visualize your data beautifully with the scatter plot generator. Input the variables of the relationship you want to visualize easily. Customize the color of the dots, the background, the labels and the values. Use easy to read fonts and toggle visibility of elements.

Create Your Scatter Plot
Stock images and image effects available in Visme's editor.

Customize every aspect of your scatter plot with animation and interactivity

Make your scatter plot stand out with animated data elements in different styles. Add interactive pop ups over your scatter plot. Using the features in the Visme editor, easily add popups to different sections of your scatter plot.

Create Your Scatter Plot
Icons and color selection available in Visme's editor.

More Great Features of the Scatter Plot Maker

  • icon-photos Graph engine to help make your information beautiful
  • template-beautiful2 Template library with lots of professionally designed scatter plots
  • fonts Create scatter plots with live data from a Google Sheet
  • customize Customize every visual aspect of your scatter plot
  • drag-drop Add animation and interactivity easily into your scatter plot design
  • download-upload Include in any ongoing project or download as an image file
An illustration showcasing the ways your scatter plot can be shared.

Share Your Scatter Plot

It’s easy to include your scatter plot in an ongoing project but you can also share it on its own . Publish to the web and share a link with or without privacy settings. Embed onto your site by copying an embed code. Download as a static image , or if you used a social media size, download as an animated gif or video.


What is a Scatter Plot?

A scatter plot is a type of data visualization that shows the relationship between different variables. If you have two variables that pair well together, plotting them on a scatter diagram is a great way to view their relationship and see if it’s a positive or negative correlation.

Scatter plots are often part of an infographic, presentation or report that shares a variety of different data sets, but they can also be found on their own. It's easy to create your own scatter graph with Visme.

Create Your Scatter Plot
A selection of scatter plot templates available to customize in Visme.

Use the scatter plot maker to visualize relationships in different data variables.

Select one of our professionally designed scatter plot templates . Remove the placeholder data and input your own. Avoid starting your axes at a value other than zero so your chart is easier to read and understand .


More Than a Scatter Plot Creator

Easily create attractive scatter plots to visualize your data. Include the scatter plot into a report, presentation, research project or strategy whitepaper. Create animated and interactive scatter plots as part of presentations.

Charts & Graphs

Choose from different chart types and create pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, doughnut charts, pyramid charts, Mekko charts, radar charts and much more.


All of Visme’s charts give you the option to add hover-over legends that give your audience more information and make your charts engaging.

Images & Graphics

Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to decorate your scatter plot and make it engaging.


How to Make Scatter Plots in 5 Steps

Create a scatter plot to visualize the relationship between different variables. Show the data on various data points between an x- and y-axis. Use one of our templates to help you create a visually rich design to match your project.

Follow along with our easy five-step guide below to create your own stunning data visualizations. Add into an existing project or share as a standalone chart.

  • Click on the Create button on this page and log in to or create a Visme account.
  • Browse the scatter plot templates to find one you like or that will best represent your data.
  • Input your information to replace the placeholder data and color code your chart.
  • Customize the labels and legend of your scatter plot to match your brand.
  • Download as a high resolution image, share online or include in an ongoing project.

How to Use the Scatter Plot Maker

  • To ensure that the visualization of your data is not distorted, make sure to avoid starting your axes at a value other than zero.
  • You can also visualize a third variable by modifying the size of your dots in accordance with these values.
  • Use lines to help you visualize trends and correlations between variables.
  • Avoid adding too many trend lines that can distract and confuse the viewer.
  • Detect patterns in your data, such as a positive correlation, which is displayed as a line that moves upwards and to the right, as both values increase at the same time.
  • Identify a negative correlation, which is a line with a negative slope, that moves downwards and to the right, as one value increases while the other decreases.
  • A group of dots with no correlation will appear as a group of dots with no discernible pattern.
  • A linear trend is a group of dots that appears to form a trend line, one that either goes up or goes down as the values increase on the X axis.
  • An exponential trend is a group of dots that can be represented as a curved line that rises or falls at an increasingly higher rate.
  • Lastly, you can identify outliers as dots that are extreme values, far from the majority of data points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to create a scatter plot with Visme?

Creating a scatter plot with Visme is totally free. If you want to download it as a PDF or animated HTML5 file, you can upgrade to a Complete plan.

Are all the fonts available inside the scatter plot generator?

Yes. The Graph Engine has all the fonts available, just like in the editor – even your Brand Kit fonts. If you want to create a brand kit, you'll need to upgrade to a premium account.

Can I insert my data into the scatter plot maker?

You can create a graph with your own information in one of two ways: By linking a public Google Sheet or uploading an Excel file. If you're doing the former, any updates in your sheet will be reflected in the graph.

Can I create animated graphs with Visme?

Yes. All charts and graphs created within Visme are automatically animated, although you can turn the setting off if you wish.

Can I create any kind of chart with Visme?

Yes. You can choose from more than 16 types of charts in both flat and 3D style, including line graphs, bar and pie charts, among others.

Can I customize anything in the scatter plot maker?

Yes. You can adjust the placement of labels and the size and style of fonts, as well as further customize your graph by tapping into thousands of vector icons and millions of images.