Create Your Map It’s free and easy to use.

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Free Map Maker for Interactive Maps

Create Your Map It’s free and easy to use.
Free Map Maker for Interactive Maps
  • Easy-to-use map generator with friendly user interface.
  • Color code states, provinces and regions for easy comprehension.
  • Add your own data values to make your own custom map.

Chosen by brands large and small

Our map generator is used by over 18,235,768 marketers, communicators, executives and educators from over 120 countries that include:

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Map Templates

It’s never been easier to represent geographical information than it is with Visme’s map generator. Simply choose one of our stunningly pre-designed templates to start with and customize it to fit your topic, brand or area.

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Features of the Map Generator

Visme’s map generator comes packed with tons of great features to help you create interactive and engaging maps for your audience.

Beautiful map templates

Starting from scratch can seem overwhelming, so we’ve created starting points with several basic map templates. Grab one for your region and fully customize it until it fits your brand and your topic. Everything in our templates can be edited to fit your vision.

Create Your Map
Map templates available in Visme.

Build your map

You have full range in our free map builder to create the perfect graphic for your project. Choose any region in the world and customize it to fit your topic. Color code different areas, add legends so your viewers know what everything means and get ready to share!

Create Your Map
A map template alongside available regions and chart types in Visme's editor.

Customize every aspect of your map to cover your geographic area

Use the map maker to customize your map by placing the legend on either side, above or below. Toggle the data “hover” option to on or off. “On” means that the data will pop up in a little bubble when someone hovers over a section. Visualize your data by creating a custom color range, corresponding to the values in your data set, and choose your start and end color right within our map generator.

Create Your Map
A map template alongside the map settings available in Visme's editor.

More Great Features of the Map Generator

  • template-many Beautiful map templates to jumpstart your creativity
  • icon-photos Input your brand fonts and colors to create branded company content
  • fonts Millions of stock photos and icons to choose from
  • drag-drop Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
  • customize Choose any geographical area in the world and color code it
  • download-upload Download as an image file or embed on a webpage
An illustration showing all the ways to share a map made with Visme.

Share Your Map

Once you’ve built the perfect map representing your geographical region and you’ve color coded to make your point, Visme’s free map generator allows you to easily share your creation with your audience. Download as an image file or embed an interactive map onto your website.


What is a Map?

A map is a visual representation of a piece of land, and this can be used in many ways with Visme’s custom map maker. Choose any region on Earth, or multiple regions, and add them to your own map infographic.

Visme allows you to create an interactive map that you can embed on a webpage for your audience to hover over each region and learn specific data and information respective to each area on your map.

Create Your Map
Map templates available in Visme.

Use the map maker to visualize geographical areas.

Create professional-looking, color-coded maps in minutes. Inside the map maker, choose from the World Map, the seven continents or one specific country. Maps can be used as a graphic or as a data visualization. Choose the hover effect to display data according to each area.


More Than a Map Maker

Not only does Visme’s map creator allow you to seamlessly and easily create maps to visualize geographical areas for your audience, but its functionality also allows you to create an interactive experience. By adding data, like population and other regional statistics, your viewers can hover over an embedded or live map to view the results for each area.

Photos & Graphics

Easily visualize geographical data with maps, charts, graphs and other data widgets. All data tools are easily customizable with Visme.

30+ Data Widgets

Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to create a completely customized and interactive map.


Create animated and interactive maps that your audience can easily understand and engage with. Visme’s map generator makes it easy.


How to Make Maps in 5 Steps

Show off different regions around the world with color coded countries, states, provinces and more. Visme’s free map maker allows you to quickly and easily represent geographical areas within a project, market research report or infographic.

Paste your data into the map generator and watch as your map comes to life. Create an interactive map that allows your audience to hover over each region to learn more information.

  • Create a new project inside the Visme design dashboard and choose a map template or blank canvas to get started.
  • Click on the Data button in the left-hand panel then click the world map icon below the graphs.
  • Choose either the entire world map, a continent or a country to create your map.
  • If adding data, choose the position of the legend. It can be placed on either side of the map, below or above.
  • Download the map as is, or insert your map in the design you are working on.

How to Use the Map Generator

  • Before you start using the map maker, have all your data values ready in a spreadsheet on your computer to easily copy and paste.
  • If you’re creating a map to showcase data, use the map generator to enter or paste your data in the columns. You can skip this step if you’re simply adding a map or region to a design.
  • Be sure to create a title for each column so that your map is properly labeled when you share it online.
  • Don’t forget to color code – this is one of the best features in the map generator. Use your Brand Kit to incorporate brand colors.
  • Select how the data is presented in your map by choosing whether it’ll display with or without hover bubbles. Leaving hover bubbles on helps you to create an interactive map your audience will love.
  • Choose the position of the legend so it fits well with the rest of the project you are working on.
  • Insert your map into any kind of design, including a social media graphic, infographic, presentation, flyer or even business card.
  • If using more than one map in your design, be sure to use similar colors to keep a unified style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to create a map with the map generator?

Creating a map with Visme is completely free, as is downloading as a JPEG or embedding onto your website. If you want to download as a high-resolution PDF, you’ll need to upgrade to a Standard plan.

Are all the fonts available in the settings of the map generator?

No, but the font used is very easy to read and will fit well with any font pairing.

Does the map generator let me color-code any section of the map?

Absolutely. Any section of the map can be color coded. Either as a graphic highlighting specific areas or as a data visualization.

Can I choose any country in the world to make a map?

You bet. The Map Maker has all the countries of the world available. You can create a map of just one country and color code the states or counties.

Do I need to use the labeling from the map maker or can I make a map without labels?

Since the map maker will let you customize everything, you can choose to not include any labels. This will permit you to label it however you want inside your project with other graphics and icons.

How do I create an interactive map with the map maker?

If you share a live link to your map or embed it on a webpage, users are automatically able to hover over the different regions to access the data, creating an interactive experience. With one of Visme's integrations, you can also embed an interactive Google Maps to provide even more in-depth geographical information about a specific location.

How do I create a custom map?

Visme makes it easy to create a completely custom map. Open the map generator and select any region in the world that you want to visualize. Insert data and embed onto your website for an interactive experience.

Are Visme’s maps printable?

Absolutely! You can print off any design in Visme. Save as a high-resolution JPG, PNG or PDF and print it off using your at-home printer. You can also send it to a local printer for a larger, laminated version.