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Improve productivity and collaborate with your team by sharing Visme projects directly into your selected Slack channel.

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+ Slack

Our Slack integration makes it easier than ever to share projects amongst your team and get notifications about comments on your designs.

What you need:

  1. A Slack channel
  2. A Business or Enterprise Visme account

How to set up the integration:

  • Go to the Visme Apps section and click Slack.
  • Sign in to your workspace on Slack to connect it to your Visme account.
  • Choose the channel you want to share projects in, or create a channel specifically for design feedback.
  • Choose to notify team members of new comments on Slack so they can easily dive back in to make changes.

Ramp up your team’s overall productivity by taking advantage of our Slack integration so you can easily collaborate on your brand’s designs and visual content.