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Logos Templates

Get started with your new brand by creating a stunning logo that will stick in your audience’s mind. Choose from a template below and fully customize it with your business name and an industry icon or illustration. Save with a transparent background to use on your website and all other marketing materials.

Logos Templates

Logos 59

Nori Sushi - Logo

Attract sophisticated clientele to your sushi restaurant with this tasteful logo template.

Midnight Cafe - Logo

Reinforce your cafe’s unique charm with the help of this aesthetically pleasing logo template.

Amplitude Music Studio

Share your brand history, values, and ambitions with the audience using this logo template.

Springfield Pediatrics - Logo

Make a positive impression on patients using this respectable logo template.

Eden Acres - Logo

Draw in new visitors to your botanical garden with this distinguished logo template.

Illusion Cocktail Bar - Logo

Curate a luxurious brand for your cocktail bar with this mysterious logo template.

Clothing - Logo

Showcase your clothing brand’s creative side with this dream-like logo template.

Sailor - Logo

Make your sailing business’ brand more appealing with this inviting logo template.

Law Services - Logo

Show clients that your law firm means business with this distinguished logo template.

Artisan Bakery - Logo

Help your fabulous bakery attract more clients with this trendy logo template.

Organic Honey - Logo

Effectively market your high-quality organic honey with this smooth logo template.

Play Store - Logo

Harness your business’ youthful charisma with this engaging logo template.

Learning Center - Logo

Help your learning center rise above the rest with this colorful logo template.

Yoga Studio - Logo

Creatively promote your yoga studio with this wholesome and tranquil logo template.

Kitchen Gardens - Logo

Publicize your successful restaurant using this minimalistic logo template.

Non-Profit - Logo

Gain credibility for your non-profit organization with this respectable logo template.

Skin and Body Care - Logo

Promote your outstanding products and services with this eye-catching logo template.

Market - Logo

Entice customers to consume your high-quality produce with this fresh logo template.

Event Planner - Logo

Promote your spectacular event planning services with this elegant logo template.

Travel Blog - Logo

Quickly attract more readers for your travel blog with this classic logo template.

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