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Ebook Templates

eBooks and other types of long-form content are particularly helpful in the B2B space and now, thanks to these eBook templates, you have everything you need to get started with your next piece of stunning collateral. Just choose the eBook template that fits your needs, input all of your specific information and you're ready to go.

Ebook Templates

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Brand Colors Ebook

Show your audience the importance of color in branding with this ebook template.

Remote Team Management Ebook

Put together a definitive guide on remote team management using this ebook template.

Fitness Ebook

Create a stunning fitness ebook using this professional ebook template with interactive features.

Personal Finance Ebook

Educate your audience on the importance of money management with this ebook template.

Digital Marketing For Dummies Ebook

Create a thorough guide on the impact of digital marketing with this ebook template.

Logo Design Ebook

Create a definitive guide on art and creative topics with this design ebook template.

Vlogging Ebook Template

Promote your online course with this eye-catching vlogging ebook template.

Graphic Design Ebook

Create a stunning resource on graphic design with this interactive ebook template.

Event Planning Ebook

Show your audience the tips and tricks of event management with this ebook template.

Cancun Travel Guide Ebook

This travel guide ebook is perfect for travel bloggers, agencies and websites looking to generate leads or make money.

Health Medicine for the Tropics Ebook

Establish credibility, generate leads and educate your readers with this professional health ebook template.

Developments in Technology Ebook

This technology ebook template is perfect for presenting research, findings and other important information in style.

Business Ebook

Make your business look more professional and sophisticated with this customizable, corporate ebook template.

Fashion Annual Sales Ebook

This customizable ebook template is ideal for fashion and design businesses to showcase their business information.

The Generations Ebook

Put together a stunning guide on the changing generational dynamics using this ebook template.

Customer Acquisition Trends Ebook

Share your insight on how customers can be acquired more effectively using this ebook template.

Travel Italy Ebook

Share travel tips, including hidden destinations and best hotels, with this travel ebook template.

The Future of Event Marketing Ebook

Get noticed and generate leads fast with this fully customizable marketing ebook template.

Social Media Trends Ebook

This digital media trends ebook template is perfect for B2B businesses to generate leads and share information.

Investment Fundamentals Ebook

Looking for a corporate ebook template that looks professional and presents information in an engaging way? Start customizing this ideal template today!

Protection Strategy for Environment Ebook

This nature-inspired ebook template is perfect for any organic or environmental brand or individual. Create your own today!

Nutrition Ebook

Showcase the benefits of living a healthy life with this editable ebook template.

WordPress Ebook

Create a professional and interactive WordPress ebook with this attractive ebook template.

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