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Free and Practical Graphic Design Books and Guides made for you.

These free graphic design books will demystify design and visual communication. Each graphic design book includes visual guides and simple design tricks that anyone can follow.

Free Graphic Design Book #1

Marketing Strategies We Used to Boostrap Visme to over 4 Million users

Learn, step-by-step, all the marketing strategies we’ve used to grow Visme to 4 million users. Our team has spent 450 hours documenting every single tactic we’ve implemented to reach over 1.4M monthly organic traffic to our website and 100% YoY growth, with little to no advertising budget.


Free Graphic Design Book #2

A Non-Designer’s Guide to Creating Memorable Visual Presentations

If you want to raise the bar on your presentations, this book is for you. Chock full of visual examples, cheat sheets and case studies, this step-by-step visual guide will show you practical design tricks to take your slides from “meh” to “stunning“.


Free Graphic Design Book #3

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Shareable Infographics

Learn how to make informative and engaging infographics that get noticed and help you properly translate your ideas into engaging visuals so that you can extend their reach and lifespan on the web. We've created this ultimate, step-by-step guide for beginners on how to create effective and shareable infographics.


Free Graphic Design Book #4

How to Build a Powerful Brand Visual Identity in 10 Steps

Brand is so much more than a logo. In developing a brand and a visual identity for an organization, you are responsible for the narrative and story of why the brand exists and the purpose behind it. By walking intentionally through this handbook’s steps, you will be able to much more effectively plan out a brand that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also speaks to the greater purpose of the company as a whole.


Free Graphic Design Book #5

24 Essential Tools and Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Looking to start your own business and don’t know where to begin? Our list of essential apps and tools gives you a good starting point, with dozens of free resources to help you manage and grow your business. And for those looking to learn from the best, you can also access free audio and text summaries of four must-read books for entrepreneurs.


Why do we provide you with our Free Graphic Design Books?

We want to empower everyone to communicate visually. That’s why we dedicate a lot of time and resources to bring you our free Graphic Design Books, but we dedicate a lot more time on our world-leading design platform, Visme.

It will transform the way you create beautiful Presentations, Infographics, Visual Documents and other forms of visual content in minutes, not hours.

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