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Create better content, together.

Collaborate with your team from start to finish

  • No more back and forth emails or Slack messages for feedback. Allow your team to comment, collaborate and move from draft to final format in no time.
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Chosen by brands large and small

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Bring transparency to your content creation process while maintaining security and privacy.

  • You decide who gets to view, comment or edit your content while getting the vital feedback you need.
  • Your designs stay private until you are ready to share or download them as you see fit.
Bring transparency to your content creation process while maintaining security and privacy.

Collaboratequick & Efficient

Move your designs forward quickly with precise collaborative feedback.

  • Leave comments directly on your designs for clear communication.
  • Reply to questions and provide feedback. Tag collaborators to notify them of new comments.
  • Stay updated with automatic notifications on threads that you are tagged in without having to weed through every comment on the design.
  • Resolve or delete comments when the review process is finished.


Publish Your Designs

  • Publicly or privately share and present your content online, email it, embed on your website or post on social media.
  • Download your content as a PDF, high-resolution image, editable PPTx or as HTML5 for full interactivity.
Publish Your Designs
How it works

Share and Collaborate With Your Teams

Collaboration doesn’t have to be painful. Learn how Visme’s collaboration tools make feedback a snap.

  • Ask others to collaborate by sending email invitations or sharing a link to view and comment.
  • Collaborators can pin, circle, point or draw on any part of your Visme design to leave feedback, suggested edits & comments.
  • Review, respond to and resolve comments as needed.
  • Make changes to finalize your design based on feedback.
  • Publish your designs on the web, download in any format or embed onto an existing webpage.

Annotations for Precise Communication

Choose from different annotation styles and a variety of colors to help your comments stand out. From the pin annotation to point out exact elements in a document to the box annotation to comment on an entire section, Visme’s collaboration tools give you an array of options for feedback.

  • The pin annotation allows you to point out a specific graphic, design element, or animation.
  • With the rectangle or circle annotations , you can select a small or large section of your document to leave feedback.
  • The draw annotation gives you a freeform pencil to demonstrate your commentary with more flexibility.
  • The line annotation is perfect for underlining or striking through a certain word or group of words.
  • The arrow annotation helps you show movement on the page and points to key areas of attention.
Annotations for Precise Communication

Visme empowers teams to create and communicate more effectively. Whether you’re getting feedback from your boss on your quarterly report presentation or rolling out new content for the marketing team, Visme’s collaboration tools improve your workflow and save you time.

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